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A Little War in the Borderlands

Leadership Calculations

by Avian

This article compares the difficulty of passing a leadership test if you are cold or warm blooded, with or without a re-roll. The calculations for determining whether you pass or fail a leadership test on the lowest two out of three dice are fairly complicated and to tell the truth I drew a figure (luckily is was only three dimensions and not four).


The chance of passing a Leadership test for cold blooded and warm blooded creatures, with and without a re-roll.

  Cold Blooded Warm blooded Difference
Effective Ld Single Re-roll Single Re-roll Single Re-roll
2 7.4% 14.2% 2.8% 5.5% 4.6% 8.7%
3 19.9% 35.8% 8.3% 15.9% 11.6% 19.9%
4 35.6% 58.5% 16.7% 30.6% 19.0% 27.9%
5 52.3% 77.3% 27.8% 47.9% 24.5% 29.4%
6 68.1% 89.8% 41.7% 66.0% 26.4% 23.8%
7 80.6% 96.2% 58.3% 82.6% 22.2% 13.6%
8 89.4% 98.9% 72.2% 92.3% 17.1% 6.6%
9 94.9% 99.7% 83.3% 97.2% 11.6% 2.5%
10 98.1% 99.9% 91.7% 99.3% 6.5% 0.6%


You will notice that the chance of breaking a unit of Temple Guard protecting a Slann is only a bit more than 1%. Notice also that the differences are highest around Ld 5 and 6, and that it drops off towards both ends. Thus the benefits of being cold-blooded are less if you can reduce their Leadership sufficiently.

If you compare the columns you will see that the effects of being cold blooded is pretty close to that of warm blooded with a re-roll, meaning that cold blooded creatures with re-rolls are the near equivalent of warm blooded with two re-rolls. That is what makes lizardmen so hard to scare.


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