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The Mark of Tzeentch

Welcome to what is probably the oldest Orcs & Goblins fansite on the net that is still being updated. The idea behind this site is to provide a resource for both useful and amusing articles on my beloved greenskins. Having gone through several complete make-overs, We Iz Orcs has a wealth of material for your benefit and entertainment.
I'm Avian. What my friends call me is another matter. I like stomping on stunties, drinking squiggly beer and kicking grots. Having expanded from my originally greenskins-only symphaties, visitors to this site may now come across Ogre Kingdoms articles here and there.

Updated every now and then.

A note on the lack of updates!

There are several reasons why this site has recently gone through nine months with no updates whatsoever. The two main ones are that with 8th edition on the horizon, I didn't want to put a lot of effort into articles that might be outdated soon (unsurprisingly, a ton of articles are just that) and my wife and I had our first baby, a lovely little girl. Combined, they are the reason for a lack of updates. However, things are now more or less back on track and the site will be updated again. The first things to get a make-over are the calculations articles, since they are easiest to do. Tactics articles will follow in time.

Last update: 100910
An update is long overdue! Avian is a lazy bum!

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News page (5 articles)

Opinionated opinions on new stuff

Tactics page (12 articles)

Collection of my many, many tactics articles
Including sub-sections:
Orcs & Goblins Tactics page (21 articles)
Ogre Kingdoms Tactics page (10 articles)

Calculations page (7 articles)

More or less useful things I've calculated
Including sub-sections:
Combat Calculations page (11 articles)

Rules page (16 articles)

This section is devoted to rules clearifications, and new rules that I have made up myself.
Including sub-sections:
Orcs & Goblins Rules page (8 articles)
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