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Casting Spells in 7th edition

Random Scenario Generator

by Avian

For quite some time now I have been writing scenarios for this game and I've been looking for a way to generate different scenarios to be used in campaigns or for one-off games. This particular generator was made by looking at the one presented by Gav Thorpe in WD 292 and tinkering around with it until it was more to my liking. The goal was to fix as many of the obvious problems (Meeting Engagement, the objectives and the events, primarily) as possible while adding more variety and my own twist to it. The generator has been used in the league and campaigns here in town for several years now and with several hundred battles having been played by it, it is probably the most extensively tested of all my gaming articles.

Below you will find both the full version of the scenario generator, as well as a shorter version and an appendix for fighting battles where one side has more points than the other. The short version just has the Pitched Battle variants, no events and is more suited for competitive gaming than the full version (not to mention that it is far quicker to roll up a scenario).
The links at the bottom lead to other appendixes to use with the scenario generator, including a siege generator and rules for jungle fighting scenarios.


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