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Orc & Goblin Core units Gallery

Random Name Generator

by Avian

To generate orc names, type in the number you want and press da big button. There are 63,270 different orc name combinations and 1,330 different goblin name combinations.
You can also select the 'long' or 'full' options for orc names, generating some of the 1,917,270,810 and 4,609,617,517,650,600 combinations, respectively.
Now also with an Ogre option, with 3,213 different combinations! (note that the anglian 'Grea' starter has been replaced by the norse 'Gri')

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Doing in in Excel

I use these tabels in a spreadsheet on my computer with a random-function. Depending on your type of program it should read something like (using the orc name generator as an example):

=FIND.ROW(ABS(RANDOM()*36+1);A2:D37;2) =FIND.ROW(ABS(RANDOM()*36+1);A2:D37;3) =FIND.ROW(ABS(RANDOM()*36+1);A2:D37;4)

And the table itself is located on A2 through D35 with the first column consisting of the numbers from 1 through 35.

Alternately you could use two D6 in a system as indicated below. This is of course much slower and requires that you roll 6 D6 for each name.

First D6 Second D6 First bit Second bit Third bit
1 1 A b abal
1 2 Ba brak ag
1 3 Bo brov akor
1 4 Bu dro am
1 5 Da du amsok
1 6 Do ff an
2 1 Du g ankar
2 2 Fo gash bad
2 3 Fu gat bag
2 4 Go kha bakka
2 5 Ha kk bakor
2 6 Ho l bar
3 1 Ka lash buz
3 2 Ko ldar dor
3 3 Gna mar fang
3 4 Lo mor hag
3 5 Lu mul han
3 6 Ma nark k
4 1 Mo nk kar
4 2 Na r khan
4 3 No rak kukor
4 4 O rash lag
4 5 Ra rg lum
4 6 Ro rhug nag
5 1 Ru rim nikov
5 2 Sa rk nog
5 3 Sha rlor ok
5 4 Ta rot olat
5 5 To sh rak
5 6 U sham ram
6 1 Va t tag
6 2 Wa thark umbar
6 3 Wo tug wak
6 4 Wu tz wog
6 5 Zo z zag
6 6 Zu zog zak


Goblin Name Generator

Much shorter, simpler and a totally different style. I like to be able to tell if a character is an orc or a goblin, simply by knowing his/her name.

Here (if you don't use a spreadsheet) I suggest you use a D30 and re-roll any 26s or more.

Number First bit Second bit
1 Big bez
2 Bo bit
3 Dof ess
4 Gim fen
5 Gof gash
6 It gin
7 Kim git
8 Leb glum
9 Lib ink
10 Luk itz
11 Mor iz
12 Nif let
13 Nog lid
14 Nuf lik
15 Rat lob
16 Rub mink
17 Shek rak
18 Shim rut
19 Skar sham
20 Tid snik
21 Tip sub
22 Tob sus
23 Top wig
24 Zib zag
25 Zig zib

This generates a mere 625 different goblin names, but still it should be enough.


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