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Greenskin Archery

Goblin Characters

by Avian

I had originally planned to have just a single Orcs & Goblins gallery and was happily painting up Goblin characters for it, when I realised that with thirteen characters being worked on (and that was just the ones on foot), such a thing could become very unwieldy. Thus this is the Goblin part and there will be a separate Orc characters gallery in time.


Pic Unit
Fatty Bolgit
(Goblin Warboss)
Gimbag da Olde
(Goblin Great Shaman)
Pigrat da Pedestrian
(Goblin Big Boss)
Noggot Skulltaker
(Goblin Big Boss)
Dogfen da Finka
(Night Goblin Big Boss)
Tyrog da Defenda
(Night Goblin Big Boss)
Skabgot da Jesta
(Goblin Shaman in chariot)
Goflob Fargazer
(Goblin Shaman)
Shimbid da Expansive
(Night Goblin BSB)
Foglik Mushroom-muncher
(Night Goblin Shaman)
Teclid da Arch-pain
(Night Goblin Shaman)

Goflob started his career as a weatherwane in Blackrock city, having been nailed through the foot on the roof of his Orc master's house and told to point in the direction the wind blew. Goflob turned out to be a spectacular failure in this job and seemed incapable of even such a simple task, which earned him and his Orc owner much ridicule. It might have gone very bad for Goflob indeed, had the tribe's chief Shaman, Akram Fire-eye, not realised that Goflob was actually pointing out the way the winds of magic blew. The Orc Great Shaman took on Goflob as his apprentice and though the Goblin has shown some talent in magic, his heightened sensitivity to the magical winds often leave him with a near-terminal headache and sometimes causes him to fall over.


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Miniature Games Workshop unless noted. All rights reserved. Used without permission - model painted by Tarjei Aasen unless noted otherwise.