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Goblin Characters

by Avian

I had originally planned to have just a single Orcs & Goblins gallery and was happily painting up Goblin characters for it, when I realised that with thirteen characters being worked on (and that was just the ones on foot), such a thing could become very unwieldy. Thus this is the Goblin part and there will be a separate Orc characters gallery in time.


Pic Unit
Fatty Bolgit
(Goblin Warboss)
Gimbag da Olde
(Goblin Great Shaman)
Pigrat da Pedestrian
(Goblin Big Boss)
Noggot Skulltaker
(Goblin Big Boss)
Dogfen da Finka
(Night Goblin Big Boss)
Tyrog da Defenda
(Night Goblin Big Boss)
Skabgot da Jesta
(Goblin Shaman in chariot)
Goflob Fargazer
(Goblin Shaman)
Shimbid da Expansive
(Night Goblin BSB)
Foglik Mushroom-muncher
(Night Goblin Shaman)
Teclid da Arch-pain
(Night Goblin Shaman)

Along with his twin brother, Teclid, Tyrog was granted a place in the Night Goblin leadership thanks to his mother, who was the sister-in-law of the head Night Goblin Shaman, Bigglum. Tyrog's mother had high hopes for her two sons, claiming that Fate had something grand planned for the twins. Bigglum saw that Tyrog had in fact few if any talents, but the goblin mother's pestering eventually made him give in and take on the two young greenskins. To keep the blundering Tyrog out of the way, he was given an old map of the mine working and sent off to guard the depths, being given the title Defenda off da Bottom. Unfortunately for Bigglum, Tyrog has an annoying habit of turning up for battles, having followed some unknown tunnel to end up sneaking behind enemy lines. There he could undoubtedly have done great deeds, had he not been so incompetent with any form of weapon.


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Miniature Games Workshop unless noted. All rights reserved. Used without permission - model painted by Tarjei Aasen unless noted otherwise.