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Ogre Kingdoms Characters

by Avian

This is a test gallery featuring my Ogre characters. Select a unit from the list on the left to have it appear as a picture on the right.

Should anything not work, it will probably work sooner or later... :p


Pic Unit
Beastmaster Gymir the Paranoid
(Ogre Tyrant)
Hergulf Wolfkin
(Ogre Battle Standard Bearer)
Hlolf Goredigger
(Ogre Butcher)
Olf Longstrider
(Ogre Hunter)

The back of his base was a little empty, so I added a mutt from the bretonnian Men-at-Arms set. Okay, so the Tyrant would probably eat the dog if he suddenly got hungy, but I imagine that the Gnobbos would then have to hurry out and get a replacement that looked more or less the same before the big Ogre realised what he had done


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