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Night Goblin Fanatics

Orc Characters

by Avian

This gallery page lists all my new or redone Orc, Savage Orc and Black Orc characters. I apologise for the quality of some (well, a lot) of them, as photography is something I am not very good at. So if a picture has a yellow tint to it, it's because the lighting was bad and I did not know what to do about it. This is especially noticeable with the boar-riding Black Orcs and shamans. :(
Hopefully I will eventually get better pics taken.


Pic Unit
Wamulbuz od Bukdu Vamarargubrov
(Orc Warboss on Wyvern)
Moredread Blackmaw
(Black Orc Warboss on boar)
Ramarwak om Dad Logadurak
(Orc Warboss on boar)
Rarashog ug Rogat
(Black Orc BSB on boar)
Lurgbag um Goklash
(Black Orc Big Boss in chariot)
Dugbar od Durash
(Black Orc Big Boss on foot)
Kagashfang ar Kabrak
(Savage Orc Big Boss in chariot)
Shadokar ag Lumul
(Orc Shaman on boar)
Lunarkzak ok Noramar
(Savage Orc Shaman on boar)

An extensively converted mostly plastic Black Orc Warboss. The boar he's riding is from the new mounted Shaman set and its head is in fact the only metal component on the model. The torso, head and arms are from the Black Orc plastic set and the body was sawed at the waist and glued to a set of riding legs from the Orc command sprue, with some thigh plates made from plasticard added. The axe has its haft shortened to show it isn't a great weapon and the left arm had the weapon trimmed off so a shield could be added.
Originally I used a plastic boar with (ridiculously) enlarged tusks, but that did not look good, but I happened to get my talons on the metal head from the mounted shaman and that looked much better.
The shield is from a bretonnian Man-at-arms and the symbol is (almost) the same as on the banner carried by the Black Orc BSB, to link the two together.


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Miniature Games Workshop unless noted. All rights reserved. Used without permission - model painted by Tarjei Aasen unless noted otherwise.