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Yhetee Frostbringer

Orcs & Goblins Core units

by Avian

As I am in the process of redoing quite a large portion of my greenskin army, I have decided to only post pics of redone units, at least to begin with. Thus there are a heap of units I have painted which are not featured here.


Pic Unit
The Two Moons
(30 Orc Boyz)
The Rock Biterz
(10 Orc Arrer Boyz)
The Bone Chewerz
(10 Orc Arrer Boyz)
The Two Bone Boyz
(20 Night Goblins)
The Last Leg Lads
(20 Night Goblins)
The Skull Bangers
(20 Night Goblins)
Night Goblin Fanatics
Da Bloody Fang Gang
(10 Goblin Wolf Riders)
Da Sourwood Scuttlers
(6 Forest Goblin Spider Riders)

20 Night Goblins with hand weapons and shields, converted from the Skull Pass set using the same method as for the Two Bone Boyz (see above). As this unit is essentially identical to that one, I did not bother to take a lot of pictures of it.
Background-wise, the leg is from a (dead, of course) knight, Sir Roderick Badger, who fought against the greenskins a few years ago, had a nasty run-in with an Orc club and was taken prisoner. As the army marched on, one band of Goblins were constantly complaining that they were bored and hungry and asking how much further they had to march. Eventually fed up with their whining, the Warboss chucked Sir Roderick to them, to shut them up. The unfortunate knight provided both entertainment and nurishment for the small greenskins, but soon there was only one leg left of him and the Goblins started to get bored and again wondered how much longer they had to go. The Warboss, now at the limit of his patience, replied that they were now on the last leg of their journey and if they didn't shut up they would all be Squig food. The Goblins were greatly inspired by this, and has since carried the last leg of Sir Roderick around with them, reasoning that as long as they have it, there won't be much further to march.
(Of course the original leg has long since rotted away and they have had to replace it half a dozen times with fresh ones, but it is still the leg of Sir Roderick in spirit.)
Thus each time the Last Leg Lads go to war, one amongst their number is assigned the great honour of carrying the last leg, signifying that they will soon get there.


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Miniature Games Workshop unless noted. All rights reserved. Used without permission - model painted by Tarjei Aasen unless noted otherwise.