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Orcs & Goblins Special and Rare units

by Avian

As I am in the process of redoing quite a large portion of my greenskin army, I have decided to only post pics of redone units, at least to begin with. Thus there are a heap of units I have painted which are not featured here.


Pic Unit
Da Iron Guard
(18 Black Orcs)
Da Bloodsun Skinners
(10 Orc Boar Boyz)
Da Deff Riderz
(15 Orc Boar Boyz)
Da Bone Kollektorz
(6 Savage Orc Boar Boyz)
Da Fast Kart
(Goblin Wolf Chariot)
Great Gory Golm
Orc Bullies

I got a great deal on these guys, essentially paying for ten and getting twenty. While Black Orcs are not amongst my favourite units, I really like these new models. They were a pest to rank up, though, but I found that by alternating between models with two choppas and models with great weapons and making trials with blu-tack to hold the minis together, I got a quite good result.
For the look of the unit, I kept the conversions fairly minimal, but I decided on a set of rules, to get a quite worn-out, industrial look to them: 1) All models would have helmets with full visors, making them more machine-like. 2) The armour would be painted quite rusty. 3) Decoration would be chains, rivets and short spikes, plus some skulls on chains (these were orcs, after all).
The unit is 99% plastic, with the standard top, a couple of other bitz and some modeling chain being the only metal used. It's worth noting that two models in the front rank have alternate heads (an old metal head and one from the Orc Boyz command sprue). I feel that the heads are the least impressive bits in the new kit, which is rather annoying as they are amongst the most visible parts as well.


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