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Cave Bear

by Avian

I believe the idea for having (more or less) tame bears in an Ogre army was an idea Phil Kelly and the other designers had, but which was never realised. These rules are based on the bear ridden by the Kislev special character, Tzar Boris, with some alterations.


Cave Bear - Special unit

Most of the time, Cave Bears are natural enemies of the Ogres. However, occasionally an Ogre Hunter will befriend a young bear cub, forming a life long bond with it. There are even stories of orphan Ogre children who have been left in the woods to be raised by bears and who only late in life discover their true heritage. Bears who grow attached to an Ogre in this way have on occasion been known to fight alongside Ogres in battle, where their great strength and stamina is respected by the Ogre tribe - so much so that if the Hunter is slain, the other Ogres will often not eat his bear-kin.


Cave Bear....................................................... Points/model: 80

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Cave Bear 6 4 - 6 5 3 4 4 7

You cannot have more Cave Bears in your army than you have Ogre Hunters.

Unit size: 1

Weapons & Armour: Cave Bears fight with their claws and powerful jaws (count as a hand weapon). Their thick fur gives them a 5+ armour save.

Special rules:
Cause Fear, Bad Tempered, Not Ogres, Beastly


Explanation of special rules

Cave Bears are monsters, should have a 40 mm base and have a unit strength of 3.

Cause Fear: See p. 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Bad Tempered: See p. 45 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Not Ogres: Cave Bears are not Ogres and thus do not have the Bull Charge or Ogre Club special rules and cannot be augmented by Gut Magic.

Beastly: Cave Bears may not use the Leadership of the army General if within 12" of him and may not re-roll Break tests if within 12" of the Army Battle Standard. If a Cave Bear is within 6" of a friendly Ogre Hunter it will use his Leadership for all purposes.


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