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How to Win

Yhetee Frostbringer

by Avian

I would say that some sort of Yhetee character is an obvious shortcoming in the Ogre Kingdoms army book, both because it would stop Yhetees from being a single unit type that is not obviously connected to anything else and because it would give Yhetee units some much-needed help. I did not feel that access to normal magic items (apart from the odd Common one lifted from corpses of those they have slain) or equipment in the same way that characters normally have would be very appropriate, so I came up with a short list of spells similar to what an Empire Warrior Priest gets. These were again intended to provide aid to the Yhetee unit in a way I feel fits with their background, rather than be some sort of ranged attack. Since all Yhetees appear to be somewhat magical in nature and draw their frost-powers from within themselves, this was easily justified. Along the way I also struck upon the idea of a Frostbringer "draining" himself to cast more of these frost-powers - not something you want to do a lot of, since the Frostbringer has no way of regaining lost Wounds, but it could be handy when you really need it.


Yhetee Frostbringer - Hero

The oldest Yhetees are the Frostbringers - cold-hearted beings that inhabit the highest peaks where they carve out great halls of ice and stone. Instead of worshipping the Great Maw as their Ogre cousins do, the Yhetees revere a being they call the Frostfiend, an ancient winged creature some believe to be a god of the Sky Titans from the oldest days. The Yhetees certainly predate the Ogres in the Mountains of Mourn and it would not be unthinkable if the Yhetees and the Sky Titans shared some of their gods in those times. When the Ogres migrated west after the great cataclysm that destroyed most of their culture and heralded the coming of the Great Maw, the castles of the Sky Titans were toppled by the relentless Ogres. Robbed of the adoration of the great Giants, the Frostfiend was reduced to a cackling, hateful creature that would strike in the night, bringing down the warm-blooded creatures that venture into the mountains alone. The Frostbringers serve their merciless god and in their lairs they fashion great sculptures of the Frostfiend of ice produced from their own breath. To these idols their bring captives for sacrifice - Ogre, human or anyone else they can bring down by stealth and brutality. Frostbringers can become centuries old and will tend their castle-shrines until the chill of their hearts eventually overcomes them and they turn to ice themselves. Packs of wandering Yhetees will visit these holy places at certain times of the year, especially the winter solstice, and with the Frostbringers they will conduct rituals in honour of their wicked god and tell the sacred tales of their history. Sometimes a Greyback will challenge the Frostbringer to a duel for wardship of the castle-shrine or a Frostbringer will take on a promising young Yhetee child to initiate it into the holy task - and so the position changes from one generation to the next. Sometimes a Frostbringer will find common cause with an Ogre tribe and go to war with them, though this is rare and the Frostbringers seldom care about the affairs of their warmer relatives.


Yhetee Frostbringer.............................................. Points/model: 165

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Frostbringer 7 5 0 6 5 4 5 4 8

Weapons & Armour: Yhetee ice weapon


Special rules:
Cause Fear, Aura of Frost, Scale Terrain, Not Ogres, Embodiment of Chill


Explanation of special rules

Frostbringers are big infantry character models, should have a 40 mm base and have a unit strength of 3.

Cause Fear: See page 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Aura of Frost: See page 35 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Scale Terrain: See page 35 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Not Ogres: Frostbringers are not proper Ogres and thus do not have the Bull Charge or Ogre Club special rules and cannot be augmented by Gut Magic. They may join units of Yhetees, but may not join any other type of unit. A Frostbringer may only be the army General if no other type of character is present.

Embodiment of Chill: Where an Ogre Butcher channels power from the Great Maw through his body, the Yhetee Frostbringers drawn their power from their own deep frozen hearts. Every Yhetee posesses the ability to create frost a certain extent, and through training and communion with the Frostfiend, a Yhetee can hone this talent to frightening levels.
Each Frostbringer may cast one of the following spells in the Ogre magic phase, counting as a Bound spell with a power level of 4. The Frostbringer may choose to cast more than one spell per magic phase if it wishes, but each additional spell cast will cause a Wound on the Frostbringer with no saves of any kind allowed. The Frostbringer may only cast each spell once per magic phase. Note that Frostbringers are not Wizards and therefore do not generate Power or Dispel dice.


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