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Misc. Small Units and Characters

Marauder Chariot

by Avian

Poor Marauder Chariots - they didn't get any models in 5th edition and in 6th edition they were dropped from the army list, never to be seen again. Until I wrote some rules for them, at least. They are mostly just as you would expect, but with a little difference added to make them something other than just a light version of the chaos chariot.


Marauder Chariot - Special

Amongst the Marauder tribes of Chaos, chariots are mounts only for those of great presige, so only the tribal chieftains ride them to war. They are much lighter than the chariots used by the mighty Chaos Warriors and are therefore faster in battle where the tribe leaders drive them recklessly into the ranks of the foe hoping to catch the attention of their God.

Marauder Chariot ....................... 80 Pts/model

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Chariot - - - 5 4 4 - - -
Chieftain - 4 3 3 - - 4 2 7
Marauder - 4 - 3 - - 4 1 -
Warhorse 8 3 - 3 - - 3 1 -

Unit size: 1


Drawn by:

Note: The Chieftain warrior counts as a champion and may issue and accept challenges. In a challenge, both riders and both animals fight.
Should the chariot gain a roll on the Eye of the Gods table, the two riders are the only ones to benefit from an increase in Strength or Attacks. Any other gift applies to the whole model.


Armour save: 5+

Special rules:

The model may have a Mark of Chaos:


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