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Seventh Edition Review Thingy


by Avian

In the series of short articles on subjects unrelated to Warhammer, this one is dedicated to Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games, another game I quite like. I have the basic set and first three expansions to "standard" (i.e. fantasy) Munchkin, and with such a good selection of cards it gets quite good. You (finally) get enough cards to avoid going through the entire deck and a good variation of stuff to stab and loot.


Cards to remove from the game

These are all cards that (in my view at least), add nothing to the game and just make it more dull. Remove them from your deck to make for a more fun game.


From standard Munchkin


House rules

A short selection of house rules to improve the game.



It can be very difficult (and hence rather dull) to try and stop a player who sells a heap of stuff at the beginning of the turn to buy himself up to level 9 immediately before kicking open the door and seeing if he discovers a monster. To make the game a bit more interesting, trade is the last thing a player does during his turn.


Squishing weedy monsters

Stopping a level 9 player with 15+ levels of stuff from beating a puny level 1 or 2 monster to a pulp can be nearly impossible (and hence rather dull). To make it a bit more difficult to climb in the levels, killing a monster whose basic level (i.e. the level on the card) is less than your own does not give you a level increase. If a monster's level on the card is variable (such as with the Perfectly Ordinary Bunny Rabbit), whichever level that ends up as is what counts.


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