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Gut Magic

Ogre Tribal Elder

by Avian

I really wanted to come up with another Lord choice for the Ogre army, so there could be more than one possible combination available if you wanted to fill all your Lord slots. Pondering what sort of authority figure a somewhat primitive people would have, I came up with the idea of a tribal elder, which is a position quite common in tribal societies. Ruleswise they are somewhat inspired by Dwarf Longbeards, in that the Eldar is not just useful for himself, but also for the benefits he gives to other units nearby.


Ogre Tribal Elder - Lord

Belonging to a race with almost no form of written language, it is only natural that Ogres should respect their elders, even if an Ogre's potential of respect for anything or anyone is very limited even at the best of times. The tribal elders will know the old customs and traditions of the tribe and are physical representations of its history. They are often the ones that know the oldest stories of the Ogres, of the coming of the Great Maw and of the migration westward, stories that have been handed down through the generations. They will also know the ancient laws of the tribes, how they meet at certain times of the year to settle their disputes according to the way of their fathers and their fathers' fathers. In these times, when the pressure of over-population is forcing more and more Ogres to leave their homelands in the Mountains of Mourn, the tribal elders are as important as ever, reminding the younger Ogres where they come from and what it means to be an Ogre.


Ogre Tribal Elder................................................. Points/model: 200

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Tribal Elder 6 5 4 5 5 5 3 4 8

Weapons & Armour: Ogre club, light armour


Special Rules
Cause Fear, Bull Charge, Living Heritage


Explanation of special rules

The Ogre Tribal Elder is a big infantry character, should be on a 40 mm base and has a unit Strength of 3. He is an Ogre for all intents and purposes.

Cause Fear: See page 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Bull Charge: See page 16 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Living Heritage: The Ogre Tribal Elder and any unit he joins is Immune to Panic. In addition, any friendly Ogre unit within 6 inches of a Tribal Elder will add +1 to their Combat Result score. Note that only proper Ogres will receive this bonus - Gnoblars, Yhetees and similar will not. This bonus can be gained more than once for the same combat if more than one Ogre unit is fighting, though each unit can only gain the bonus once regardless of how many Tribal Elders are nearby. If a Tribal Elder is fighting on his own, he will not grant this bonus to himself.


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