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Unit Combat Calculator

Ogre Pit Fighters

by Avian

Pit fighting Ogres tend to be common units for people to write house rules for. This is my take on it. I had originally considered various weapon options the unit could have, but in the end settled for this rather abstract take on the bunch instead.


Ogre Pit Fighters - Rare unit

Some say that Pit Fighting originated with the Ogres and only spread to humans and other races as Ogre mercenaries brought the sport with them on their wanderings. Whether that is true or not, Ogres are amongst the most fearer and brutal fighters in this blood sport and are often pitted against teams of lesser fighters, or against captured Trolls, Minotaurs or other beasts. These spectacular bouts are often the highlight of the pit fighting show and draw immense crowds of blood-hungry spectators. As Ogres are much hardier than pit fighters of the thinling races, they will often survive long careers in the pit and some will occasionally leave and join wandering Ogre bands.


Ogres Pit Fighters................................................... Points/model: 55

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Ogre Pit Fighter 6 4 2 4 4 3 2 3 7
Ogre Pit King 6 4 2 4 4 3 2 4 7

Note that if the army also contains one or more units of Ogre Maneaters, Ogre Pit Fighters will count as a Special unit choice instead of a Rare unit choice.

Unit size: 3+

Weapons & Armour: Pit Fighter weapons and light armour


Special rules:
Cause Fear, Bull Charge, Pit Fighters


Explanation of special rules

Ogre Pit Fighters are big infantry, should be on 40 mm bases and have a unit Strength of 3 per model. They are Ogres for all intents and purposes.

Cause Fear: See page 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Bull Charge: See page 16 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Pit Fighters: Enemy units attacking Ogre Pit Fighter in the side or rear do not get the normal +1 or +2 bonus to their combat result. The bonus may still be claimed if another Ogre Kingdoms unit is being attacked in the side or rear in the same combat.

Pit Fighter weapons: Ogre Pit Fighters use a huge variety of different weapons: maces, clubs, wrist-flails, bladed gauntlets or indeed any other heavy and nasty weapon the Ogre likes. To represent this, Ogre Pit Fighters may be equipped in any way the owner prefers, but the models all follow the same rules. Pit Fighter weapons give the bearer +1 Attack in close combat. In addition, they give the bearer +1 Strength in the first round of each combat.


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