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Greenskin Archery

Gnoblar Skewerslinger

by Avian

The Skewerslinger is something that was thought up by Phil Kelly and the other authors of the Ogre Kingdoms army book. A concept model was even made for it, but it did not end up as a finished model - the Scraplauncher being favoured instead. My suggestion for rules is a very simple modification of the Scraplauncher rules, replacing the stone thrower-like mechanism with a bolt thrower. Objectively speaking be a bit overpriced, but then powerful ranged attacks is difficult to get with the Ogre Kingdoms army, which means it should be worth a bit more in that context. Additionally, the ability to move and fire a bolt thrower, possibly getting a flank shot on some expensive knights, should not be underestimated. I wanted to keep it the same cost as a Scraplauncher, to make it easier for players to substitute a Skewerslinger conversion for a normal Scraplauncher, should their opponent object to home grown rules.


Gnoblar Skewerslinger - Special unit

The Skewerslinger is a variant of the Scraplauncher. Where the latter uses a catapult mechanism to throw piles of discarded weaponry at the enemy, the Skewerslinger mounts a heavier variant of a Hunter's Harpoon Crossbow. Commonly, the bolt fired is a salvaged missile from an enemy bolt thrower, but the Gnoblar Scrappers are often forced to use other objects to fire. One famed Scrapped, Gnarg, commanded a Skewerslinger in a campaign against a bretonnian duke and made a practice of firing modified lances back at the bretonnian knights, a fact that made him hated by the human leader. Gnarg achieved great success in the campaign and was much envied by the other Gnoblars. Sadly, the brave Gnarg did not see the end of the campaign - by some strange accident it appears that he managed to tie himself to a bolt which was then fired at a group of Grail Knights, or at that is at least what his crew members agree must have happened. None of them has been able to explain why Gnarg should have found it necessary to gag himself first, though, but then they were all looking another way at the time of the incident.


Gnoblar Skewerslinger................................ Points/model: 165

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Skewerslinger - - - 5 5 5 - - -
Gnoblar Scrappers - 2 3 2 - - 3 6 5
Rhinox 6 3 - 5 - - 2 3 -

Unit size: 1

Crew: 6 Gnobler Trappers (more Gnoblar models may be added to the model for decorative purposes, but have no effect in play)

Drawn by: 1 Rhinox

Weapons & Armour: The Rhinox and the Gnoblar Scrappers all count as fighting with a hand weapon each. The shaggy hide of the Rhinox and the protection given by the wooden structure of the machine gives the Skewerslinger a 4+ armour save.

Special rules:
Cause Fear, Not Ogres, Chariot, Bolt thrower, Bad Tempered, Unit Strength 5


Explanation of special rules

The Skwerslinger is a chariot and should be mounted on a 50 x 100 mm chariot base.

Cause Fear: See page 50 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Not Ogres: Skewerslingers are not Ogres and thus do not have the Bull Charge or Ogre Club special rules and cannot be augmented by Gut Magic.

Chariot: See pages 62 to 64 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Bad Tempered: See p. 45 of the Ogre Kingdoms army book.

Bolt thrower: When they fire, Skewerslingers work out hits exactly like a single bolt from a normal bolt thrower, with the exceptions given below. They can move and fire with the normal penalty for moving and firing, and have a 90° arc of sight to the model's front. If it successfully wounds a Large target (after saves), that target must pass a Strength test (a result of a 6 always fails). If this is failed, the Large target must take a further wound in addition to any it has already suffered, as the rope is winched tight and the Rhinox backs up, ripping a large chunk out of the victim. Note that this applies even to non-living targets, such as Black Coaches and Screaming Bells. The Skewerslinger may not stand & shoot.


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