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Sample Greenskin Army Lists

Squig Herd options

by Avian

This is a little snippet containing suggestions for additional options that could be added to an existing unit that doesn't have all that many of them to begin with. The idea is that it will be the first in an expanding series of short articles of modifications to existing units, modifications that I realise perfectly well would be too extensive to ever end up in an army book. In this case the ideas are based on the models (the older ones, mostly, especially the old herder models), as well as the great concept art on the Warhammer Online website.


Squig Herd options

Add the following options to the Squig Herd entry in the Orcs & Goblins army book.

Note that in all cases, the cost listed is that to upgrade or equip one hunting team (3 Squigs and 2 Goblins).


Explanation of special rules

Face-eater Squigs: The Face-eaters are the most ferocious of all Squigs and have jaws that can bite a man in two. Orcs often hold contests involving (slightly smaller) Face-eater Squigs, where the object of the game is to eat the Squig before it takes your face off.
Face-eater Squigs have the Killing Blow special rule (see p. 95 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Horned Squigs: The Horned Squigs have one or more large, jutting horns which they use to impale their prey as they charge at them.
Horned Squigs add +1 to their Strength in the first round of combat when they charge.

Spined Squigs: These Squigs are covered by large spines or spikes, like a porcupine, and anyone fighting against them risk being stabbed if they are not careful.
Anyone rolling a 1 to hit a Spined Squig in close combat suffer an immediate Strength 3 hit. Casualties inflicted in this manner counts towards the combat result that turn.

Smoker Squigs: Some Squigs have fleshy vents on their backs which spew out black clouds of spores, concealing both the Squigs and the Goblins that herd them from view.
Anyone attempting to hit a Squig Herd containing Smoker Squigs with ranged or close combat attacks suffer an additional -1 to hit modifer. This does not apply to attacks that do not depend on WS / BS to hit.

Squig Prodders: These weapons are huge, heavy spears that require two Goblins to be wielded effectively.
Count as spears. A Goblin in the third rank, which can not attack himself, may choose to help a Goblin immediately in front of him wield his prodder. This adds +1 Strength to the attack of the second-rank Goblin, making him strike at Strength 4, rather than 3.


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