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by Avian

This beastie (like the Marauder Axemen) is meant to resemble a unit from the Mark of Chaos computer game that was released a few years back.


Wyrdspawn - Rare

Like any other Champion of the Dark Gods, a Sorcerer of Chaos may find himself blessed with one chaos gift too many, wracking his body and leaving him as a mindless Chaos Spawn. Sometimes, this transformation will leave the former Sorcerer with some remnants of his magical powers.

Wyrdspawn ....................... 95 Pts/model

  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Wyrdspawn 2D6 3 0 4 5 4 2 D6+1 10

Note that unlike a 'normal' Chaos Spawn, each Wyrdspawn is a separate Rare choice.

Unit size: 1

Special rules:

Wyrd Magic: The Wyrdspawn knows the first spell in either the Lore of Fire or the Lore of Death (choose which at the start of the battle), or, if it has a Mark of Chaos, it will know the first spell in the Lore of its patron God. It may cast this spell in each own magic phase as a Bound spell with a power level equal to the number of Wounds the Wyrdspawn currently has remaining.
Note that a Wyrdspawn is not a Sorcerer.

The Wyrdspawn may have a Mark of Chaos:


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