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Marauder Infantry Performance

Army Morale

by Avian

The army morale reflects the overall confidence and solidity of its troops. When a unit is destroyed the consequences go further than just a ripple of panic in the closest friendly units. When enough damage has been done the army as a whole loses hope and starts to fall back piece by piece, hoping to salvage a measure of honour as they vacate the field of battle.

Initial army morale
An army initially starts at 0 morale, this is then increased depending on the units in the army.
Each unit with initial Unit Strength 21+: +2 morale
Each unit with initial Unit Strength 10 – 20: +1 morale
An army with no units with Unit Strength 10+ is broken when the General is slain or has fled the table.

Reduction in army morale
Unit with initial US 21+ reduced to below half strength: -1 morale
Unit with initial US 21+ wiped out: -2 morale (total: –3 morale)
Unit with initial US 10 – 20 reduced to below half strength: -1 morale
Unit with initial US 10 – 20 wiped out: -1 morale (total: –2 morale)

Units fleeing with no chance of rallying count as destroyed.

Undead units
Though they are not affected by morale as such, the troops in an undead army are vulnerable to shifts in the tides of magic. When an undead army starts falling apart its bonds to the winds of magic are weakened and more and more troops turn to dust.

Broken army
An army is broken if it ever reaches 0 morale or lower at the end of any player turn. If this happens the following rules apply from that point on. Once an army is broken it cannot be ”unbroken”.


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