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Card-based Terrain Generator


by Avian

Overview: In this scenario both sides are attempting to move forward and cleanse the battlefield of all enemies.

Armies: Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists to an agreed points value.

Battlefield: Set up the terrain in an agreed manner.


  1. Both players roll a die, the player who scores highest may decide which corner to deploy around. The other player gets the diagonally opposite corner.
  2. Taking it in turns, each player deploys one unit at a time, in the zones pictured on the map.
  3. All war machines in a player's army are deployed at the same time, though they can be deployed in different parts of the battlefield.
  4. Characters are deployed after all other units, all at the same time. Characters may start the battle with units if you wish.
  5. Scouting units are not deployed with the rest of the units. Instead they are placed on the table after all units in both armies have been deployed, as described in the rules for Scouts.

Who goes first? Both players roll a dice, the player who finished their deployment first (not counting scouts) may add +1 to their dice roll. The player who scores highest may choose whether to go first or second (re-roll ties).

Length of game: The game lasts for six turns.

Special rules: There are no additional special rules.

Victory conditions: Use the standard procedure for calculating Victory Points, with the following alteration. Capturing enemy standards, apart from the Battle Standard, do not gain any Victory Points. Instead holding table quarters are worth twice the normal amount of points.


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