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Ogre Kingdoms Army Basics

Relief Force

by Avian

Overview: In this scenario a smaller force has been surrounded by a larger army. However, the besieged defenders have received word that a relief force is on its way and are holding out. Just as they spot the help on its way they launch a surprise attack, hoping to break out of the trap.

Armies: Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists to an agreed points value.

Battlefield: The long table edges should have a scattering of difficult terrain, woods and steep hills. The rest of the battlefield should be left more or less bare.

Deployment sketch


  1. The Defender divides his force into two parts; a Besieged force and a Relief force. Each part must be worth at least 1/3 of the total points value of the army. The Defender starts by deploying his entire Besieged force in the zone marked Defender. He then secretly writes down what point his Relief force will be arriving from. For example: '15" along the western table edge measured from the northwestern corner'. This is the Arrival point.
  2. The Attacker deploys his army in the two zones marked Attacker. Each zone must contain at least 1/3 of the total points value of the army.
  3. Scouting units are not deployed with the rest of the units. Instead they are placed on the table after all units in both armies have been deployed, as described in the rules for Scouts. Note that scouting units in the Relief force may not use their special Scout rule.

Who goes first? The Defender goes first.

Length of game: The game lasts for six turns.

Special rules: The Relief force will arrive at the start of the Defender’s turn 2. All models in the Relief force must enter within 18” of the Arrival point. If the arrival point is within 18" of a corner units can arrive from the adjacent table edge, as long as they arrive within 18" of the Arrival point. Units in the Relief force are treated as if they were returning after having pursued fleeing enemies off the table.

Victory conditions: The standard Victory points are used to determine the winner.


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