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Sea Battles

Surprise Attack

by Avian

Overview: In this scenario one army must form up to face an enemy attacking from several sides. Though not having a greater force than the defenders the attacking army has surprise on it's side.

Armies: Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists to an agreed points value.

Battlefield: Set up the terrain in an agreed manner.

Deployment sketch


  1. The Defender deploys his entire army first, with all units placed at least 12" from the table edges.
  2. The Attacker may deploy any number of his units on the table, but units must be placed more than 18" from the nearest enemy unit. Units not deployed will enter the table from any table edge at the beginning of the Attacker's first turn, counting as having returned after pursuing an enemy off the table. The units do not all have to enter from the same table edge.
  3. Scouting units in the Defender's army must set up in the same way as the other units. Scouting units in the Attacker's army may set up following the normal rules for Scouts.

Who goes first? The Attacker goes first.

Length of game: The game lasts for six turns.

Special rules: There are no additional special rules.

Victory conditions: Use the standard procedure for calculating Victory Points, with the following modifications. The Attacker does not gain Victory Points for enemy units reduced below half strength. If the Defender has a unit with a Unit Strength of 5 or more which is not fleeing in a table quarter he will always count as controlling that quarter, regardless of enemies in it.


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