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Da Twelve Days ovv Christmas

Take and Hold

by Avian

Overview: In this scenario two forces are attempting to take control of an important point on the battlefield and hold it for as long as possible.

Armies: Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists to an agreed points value.

Battlefield: The objective is placed in the middle of the battlefield. This could be a treasure-filled tomb, a keep, village, hill, or anything else you think appropriate to fight over.


  1. Both players roll a dice, the player who scores highest may decide which player gets to choose which side of the table to deploy on. The player who gets to choose sides is the one who starts deploying.
  2. Taking it in turns, each player deploys one unit at a time, at least 24” from the opposing deployment zone.
  3. All war machines in a player’s army are deployed at the same time, though they can be deployed in different parts of the battlefield.
  4. Characters are deployed after all other units, all at the same time. Characters may start the battle with units if you wish.
  5. Scouting units are not deployed with the rest of the units. Instead they are placed on the table after all units in both armies have been deployed, as described in the rules for Scouts.

Who goes first? Both players roll a dice, the player who finished their deployment first may add +1 to their dice roll. The player who scores highest may choose whether to go first or second (re-roll ties).

Length of game: The game lasts for six turns.

Special rules: There are no additional special rules.

Victory conditions: At the end of the first player’s third turn, and at the end of each player turn thereafter the army with the unit closest to the objective will score Victory points. Monsters, characters and fleeing units can’t hold the objective. If both armies have a unit equidistant (the difference is less than 1”) from the objective, one army holds it if their unit is worth more than double the points value of the closest enemy unit to the objective. Units reduced to below half strength have their value halved. Otherwise no-one holds it.
The Victory points for holding the objective are as follows: Either player’s third turn: 100 VPs. Either player’s fourth turn: 200 VPs. Either player’s fifth turn: 300 VPs. Either player’s sixth turn: 400 VPs. The most Victory Points you can get for holding the objective is therefore 2000.
Apart from this, Victory points are only awarded for slain / fleeing enemy General and for capturing the enemy Battle Standard. Victory points are not awarded for destroyed or fleeing enemy units, captured units Standards or holding table quarters.


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