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by Avian

This is my page for scenarios and scenario special rules. Everything here is created by me, unless pecifically stated otherwise. A big thanks goes to all those who have contributed feedback and play testing, especially ever-willing guinea pig Tor and my brother, Håvard.

A quick tip to those of you who are thinking about writing your own scenarios: Scenarios where both sides are the same size, set up in the same way and have the same special rules and victory conditions are a whole lot easier to balance than those with different rules and limitations for each side. Scenarios of the first type will nearly always be balanced (not necessarily very good, though), while those of the second category require more play testing.

Regarding scenarios for tournaments I believe that these should be of the first category, just to ensure that the roll for who will be attacker and defender does not have a great effect on the outcome. You should also try to avoid complicated rules that don't have a lot of impact on the battle (the players will have enough to think of as it is) and stay away from any overly silly rules. At one tournament I attended there was one rule which basically said: " Giant chunks of ice are falling on the battlefield, all war machines must roll a 4+ to be able to shoot, roll separately for each machine each time you want to fire." This left me with a couple of questions. Where did these big chunks of ice come from? Why were only war machines affected? It was obvious that the scenario writer wanted to hamper war machines, but the way it was done was clumsy and not very good. Stay away from things like this.


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