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Common Magic Items

by Avian

This is my view of the common magic items, available to most armies out there.




Magic Weapons

When it comes to weapons my priorities are as follows: first seek to maximise the damage done with each hit, then seek to increease the number of hits. Now, when it comes to doing damage few things beat a good old great weapon, so if my characters have two available hands then that is what they get. Exceptions are Battle Standard Bearer and mounted characters.

Sword of Striking (+1 to hit)
Okay in sieges and similar where you're only hitting on a 6+. Okay, but if you want to do some real damage buy something better and if not save the points for something else instead.

Sword of Battle (+1 Attack)
About as cost effective as the Sword of Striking, the comments for that item applies to this one as well.

Sword of Might (+1 Strength)
Another of my old favourites. Not only is it generally better than the other minor weapons but it also combines very nicely with the Dead 'Ard Armour and the two are the perfect combo for your Battle Standard Bearer. Two thumbs up!

Biting Blade (-1 armour save)
Not really very interesting, even if it's dirt cheap. There are better ways to fill your magic item quota.


Magic Armour

Enchanted Shield (5+ armour save)
Luvverly cheap item. The Enchanted Shield has made a regular appearance in my army throughout its history because it is a very versatile piece of gear. The only real problem is that it leaves you unable to carry great weapons.



Talisman of Protection (6+ Ward save)
Not really worth it and even if I have a few points to spare, I don't tend to buy this item as the chance of saving is just so low.


Arcane Items

Staff of Sorcery (+1 to dispel rolls)
Very expensive item for what it does. Can't imagine it being very effective.

Dispel Scroll (auto-dispels one spell)
Tested and tried item, I've found that two of these is good for most battles but against magic-heavy oppoents you'll probably need more.

Power Stone (+2 dice to cast a spell)
Not terribly good items, but nice for pulling off that extra low-level spell your opponent didn't think you had enough dice for.


Magic Standards

War Banner (+1 to Combat resolution)
Good ol' War Banner. I can not recall how many times this has saved a unit but it's a lot. Probably the most useful banner of them all. My Black Orcs and Ironguts carry this one as a default, giving them an nice edge in combat.


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